2024 How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Los Angeles?

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2024 How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Los Angeles?

Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any place of work in Los Angeles, resulting in injuries or illnesses that lead to serious physical, mental, and financial consequences. Therefore, if you have been injured on the job in Los Angeles or surrounding areas, it’s important to reach out to a Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Lawyer to get the support you need.

After sustaining a workplace injury, it is critical and time-sensitive to register for California workers’ compensation. However, this process can be complex, and certain steps can be unclear based on the particulars of your case. If you’re in the midst of a workers’ comp case, a lawyer can lay out the basics of filing a workers’ compensation claim in Los Angeles so that you can start working toward obtaining the money you need.

How to File a Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Claim

After experiencing an accident at work, it’s important to ensure that, first and foremost, you are healthy and safe and that no one around you is in imminent danger before dealing with the legal issues associated with your accident. With that in mind, the general steps to file your Los Angeles workers’ compensation claim include the following:

  • Notifying Your Employer. As soon as you can, you should report your workplace accident to your employer or other relevant authorities, even if you think that you did not sustain injuries.
  • Seeing a Medical Professional. Whether or not you are injured from your accident, you will need to see a medical professional so that they can give you a formal diagnosis and start you on a treatment plan. They may find underlying conditions that you were not aware of as well.
  • Collecting Evidence. Evidence collection is an ongoing process that starts directly after your workplace accident occurs. Before leaving the accident site, take pictures and videos of the scene, including subsequent damages and injuries, and get the names and contact information of all individuals involved, including witnesses. Note the date, time, place, and other details about the accident, and gather medical records and incident reports. A lawyer can provide crucial help with this step.
  • Receiving the Workers’ Compensation Form. Upon reporting your workplace accident to your employer, they should give you a claims form to fill out, in which you will need to include your personal details and provide attachments that show evidence of the accident and damages.
  • Having Your Employer Submit the Form. After adequately filling out the claim form with the help of a workers’ comp lawyer, you should give the form back to your employer in due time. They will then sign it and submit the claim to their insurance company on your behalf.

While filing a workers’ compensation claim should be relatively straightforward, there are often complexities involved in each case that require legal knowledge. For example, if you are undocumented, disabled for a long-term period, or have an employer who is not complying with the filing process, then the typical filing process will look different for you.

If your claim is refused or if the coverage is not enough for the extent of your expenses, a lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company and seek a fair settlement.


Q: Who Is Handling Workers’ Compensation Claims in California?

A: In the state of California, the entity handling your workers’ comp claim depends on whether your case is being discussed in or out of court. When you first submit your claim, it is handled by your employer’s insurance company, which has a limited amount of time to respond to the claim by law and may ask you for further evidence during the investigation process.

If you cannot come to a settlement with the insurance company, the workers’ comp claim settlement outcome will be handled by the California court system.

Q: Can Undocumented Workers in LA County Receive Workers’ Compensation?

A: Yes, undocumented workers in LA County or California, under state law, can receive workers’ compensation benefits, including medical expenses and lost wages. However, if you lost your job after your injury or were fired due to retaliation, it may be difficult to recover the lost wages.

Furthermore, workers’ compensation will likely not be able to cover any required vocational training. If your employer is refusing to give you a claim form to fill out, it is important to seek legal representation.

Q: How Can I Start the Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Process?

A: If you are a worker in LA who has been hurt on the job, you can start the Los Angeles workers’ compensation process by notifying your employer and the responsible entities in your company or organization where the accident occurred.

If you have an illness related to workplace conditions or exposure, it is critical to notify relevant company authorities as soon as you have been diagnosed by a medical professional. After your employer is notified of your workplace-related illness or injury, they will give you a claims form.

Q: Does California Workers’ Compensation Cover Long-Term Disability?

A: While California workers’ compensation payments can cover lost wages and income due to short-term disability, they do not cover long-term disability payments if you are no longer able to work due to being disabled from an injury on the job.

If you are disabled long-term in California, you may be eligible to apply for California State Disability Insurance (SDI) benefits or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can work with you to get all damages associated with your workplace injury covered.

Contact a Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Lawyer From Barry Law Group

If you have suffered a workplace injury in Los Angeles, you do not have to bear the consequences alone. An experienced attorney from Barry Law Group can inform you of your rights and help you work toward the financial compensation that you are entitled to. Contact a loyal and knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer from our law firm today so that you can move on with your life after an on-the-job injury.

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