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Sherman Oaks Workers’ Compensation Lawyer
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Sherman Oaks Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Sherman Oaks Workers’ Compensation Attorney

California’s workers’ compensation system protects both employees and employers, and employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance in the state. Employers are protected from civil claims and personal liability in most cases when a worker is injured, and employees are protected when they receive an injury on the job.

As an employee in Sherman Oaks, you have the right to a safe workplace. Injuries you get while completing your job duties are covered under workers’ compensation. Although it can be frustrating to suffer from a workplace injury, employees can have some confidence knowing that they can claim medical bills, lost wages, and other financial losses from the injury in a workers’ comp claim.

The California workers’ compensation system provides employees with the support and time they need to recover. Unfortunately, there are situations where an employer or their workers’ comp insurance provider tries to deny employees their rightful compensation. Employees have a right to be compensated for their on-the-job injuries, and if an employer tries to claim that an injury did not happen on the job, or retaliates against you for filing a claim, your rights are being violated.

A qualified Sherman Oaks workers’ compensation lawyer is a useful asset when filing a workers’ compensation claim or defending your right to cover your damages.

Barry Law Group: Guiding You Through Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

An experienced attorney is essential when you’re facing opposition in filing your claim, but an attorney can improve any workers’ compensation claim, even when providers and employers are cooperating. At Barry Law Group, we have been aiding employees and maximizing the compensation they earn in workers’ compensation claims for more than 30 years.

Employees are often unaware of the damages available to them in a workers’ compensation claim, and you may accept a settlement that doesn’t cover the scope of your lost finances. The attorneys at Barry Law Group can prevent this by calculating your complete compensation and negotiating with the provider on your behalf. Your attorney may also be able to determine if you can file for a personal injury claim in addition to a workers’ compensation claim.

The workers’ compensation system can often be complex, and experienced legal representation can make the process of filing less stressful. At Barry Law Group, we have worked on many complex compensation claims, and we want to help guide you through yours as efficiently as possible.

What Are Common Injuries in Workers’ Compensation Claims in Sherman Oaks?

When most people think of workers’ compensation claims, they think of sudden accidents on the job site. Although this is common, it’s not the only reason you could file a workers’ compensation claim. Several injuries can be caused suddenly or over time in the workplace, and these may qualify you for workers’ comp. Some of these injuries or conditions include:

  • Sudden Accident Injuries: Many worksites are dangerous on a daily basis, such as construction sites, factories, or grounds maintenance sites. Any worksite could potentially see a sudden accident, such as a car accident, falling objects, slip-and-fall accident, heavy machinery malfunctions, or other hazards. These accidents can cause injuries of varying severity, including fractured and broken bones, lacerations, contusions, burns, crushing injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries: When employees complete the same task or motion each day, they may develop repetitive motion injuries over time. This could result from constant heavy lifting, repeated action in an assembly line, or daily typing. These can eventually cause injuries like muscle strain or carpal tunnel.
  • Stress Injuries: Many forms of employment cause extremely high stress, such as first responders and healthcare employees. If an employee has suffered a traumatic event while on the job, this can also cause stress-related injuries that qualify for workers’ compensation. An employee can suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or an extreme anxiety disorder.
  • Occupational Illnesses and Diseases: In certain workplaces, employees are exposed to chemicals and other hazardous substances. Even when there is protection gear for employees, these substances can still cause harm. This exposure can lead to diseases or illnesses that take years to develop, such as skin conditions, cancer, or respiratory and lung issues. Some employees may not realize that the cause of their illness was work-related.
  • Heart Attacks and Strokes: These injuries can be caused by work that is incredibly stressful and/or work where an employee doesn’t move enough. In some cases, heart attacks and strokes can be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Not all injuries on the job can be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. If the injury was caused because of something outside your job duties, happened because of your negligence, or existed prior to working and would have gotten worse no matter your job duties, it will not be covered by workers’ comp. Your injury or condition must have been caused or worsened by your employment duties.

To know whether your unique situation qualifies you for workers’ compensation, talk with a qualified attorney. They can review the facts of the injury or illness to determine if you can file for workers’ compensation.

The Benefits of Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Even when your workers’ compensation claim has no complications, an attorney can ease the stress of the process and make it much easier. You may be recovering from severe injuries or a debilitating condition. You should be resting and healing, not worrying about legal deadlines and the requirements of filing a claim. A workers’ compensation attorney can file your claim, calculate the full extent of the compensation you are owed, and negotiate a fair settlement with your employer’s insurance provider. An attorney can make it easier and more likely that you receive the maximum benefits.

If your claim has more complex issues, it’s especially important to have an attorney by your side. Your employer’s insurance provider may not want to give you the benefits you deserve, and both the provider and your employer may take steps to violate your rights. Without an attorney, you will have to fight against these actions alone while trying to heal and deal with the costs of medical bills and lost income. An attorney can protect your rights, handle legal issues, and appeal denied claims. Many people earn more compensation when they work with a skilled workers’ compensation attorney.

FAQs About Sherman Oaks, CA Workers’ Compensation Law

What Are the Attorney Fees for Workers’ Compensation in California?

For workers’ compensation claims in California, most attorneys charge based on a contingency fee. After a successful claim, the court awards the attorney a percentage of the settlement. This percentage is generally 9% to 15% of the final settlement. The percentage for your specific case will depend on how complex the claim was and how long it took to resolve. More complex cases will provide a higher percentage to an attorney. When an attorney charges based on a contingency fee, you only owe them this amount if they succeed in obtaining a settlement. If you don’t get a settlement, you don’t owe them fees.

What Are My Rights Under Workers’ Compensation in California?

Employees have the right to a safe workplace and to file for compensation when they are injured on the job. An employee does not have to prove that an employer was negligent or careless to file for workers’ compensation. Employees also have the right to not face retaliation for good-faith workers’ compensation claims. In a claim, an employee has the right to cover any financial damages caused by the injury, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical complication costs
  • A portion of lost income
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Disability benefits

How Long Can I Be on Workers’ Comp in California?

The length of time that you can be on workers’ compensation relies on the severity of your injury and whether you receive temporary or permanent disability payments. When your injury is less severe, you may receive temporary disability benefits during your recovery period. These cover ⅔ of your average weekly wages for up to 104 weeks. These weeks don’t have to be consecutive, but they must all be within 2 years of the injury. In some situations, temporary benefits can last up to 240 weeks.

If your injury was more severe, you may receive permanent disability payments. These payments may last 4 months to 14 years or even the rest of your life. This depends on factors such as the type of injury, your disability rating, and your age when you were disabled.

Can You Work While on Workers’ Comp in California?

This depends on your unique situation and the advice of your healthcare provider. If you are receiving compensation for your lost wages, you cannot work and still receive those benefits. If your workers’ compensation case claimed that you were unable to work, and you got another job in the same field, an employer can claim that you didn’t need the compensation you obtained. You should always discuss your situation with an attorney prior to returning to work or obtaining a job.

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