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Even the most careful individuals in Pasadena, CA can get injured due to a workplace accident. A machine you are working with may malfunction and injure you, a coworker or supervisor may make a mistake that causes injuries, or you could simply slip and fall. Following a workplace injury, no matter the circumstances, you should have support to help you get the compensation you deserve to assist in your recovery.

The accomplished workers’ compensation attorneys at Barry Law Group are here to help. With over three decades of combined experience, we are ready to fight alongside you for your rights. The workers’ compensation filing process can be difficult and time-consuming, but we will ensure you have the resources, support, and guidance you need to complete the process,

The Basics of Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is an insurance policy intended to cover the costs of medical care, lost wages, and other expenses that are the result of a workplace injury. Employers of all sizes and industries are required to maintain a safe, clean, and healthy work environment for their staff. Part of that requirement is to have an injury and illness prevention plan (IIPP) for their facilities and workers.

The plan will look different for each employer, and it heavily depends on the type of work that gets completed at each site they manage. Regardless of the industry, the injury and illness prevention plan is an essential piece of workplace safety. Some employers require a significant amount of physical labor from their employees. These companies will have an IIPP that is extremely detailed and in-depth to ensure the safety of their workers. Jobs that require less physical labor, like office work, will have an IIPP that is less detailed but still has policies and steps in place to guarantee a safe and healthy working environment. Workers’ compensation coverage is part of an employer’s injury and illness prevention plan because they are required to pay for the benefits.

Reasons to File for Workers’ Compensation

You may find yourself in need of a workers’ compensation claim for many different reasons. If you are injured or fall ill as a direct result of your work, then you may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits in California. Your illness or injury will fall into one of two primary categories:

  • Single event. These types of workplace injuries or illnesses are most familiar. Circumstances like a machine malfunction or a fall that cause injuries would be classified as a single event. Many of these instances require you to take time away from work in the immediate aftermath, so it is important to file your workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible to receive your benefits.
  • Prolonged exposure. Not every workplace injury is the result of a single instance. Some workplace injuries or illnesses may develop and worsen over time. If you have to endure constant loud noise at work or your job requires you to repeat the same motion consistently, you may lose hearing or develop an injury. Even though there is not one specific moment that led to that illness or injury, you may still qualify for workers’ compensation.

If you believe your injury or illness is the result of the environment you work in, it is essential that you receive the support you need, regardless of the circumstances. You should file a Pasadena workers’ compensation claim as soon as you recognize that you will need medical attention and have to take time away from work as a result of your injury.

The Filing Process

The first thing you should do when you experience a workplace injury or become ill as a result of long-term exposure is to let your employer know so that the process can begin properly. When you are filing for workers’ compensation benefits, the process can be lengthy and confusing. Working with an accomplished Pasadena workers’ compensation attorney is often to your advantage because they will be able to guide you through the entire process and make sure it is done properly. When you file for workers’ compensation there are five steps you should follow.

  1. Tell your employer you were injured. If your illness or injury is a result of a single event, then you should inform your employer as soon as that event happens, prior to seeking medical care. If your injury or illness has developed because of long-term exposure, you should inform your employer as soon as you realize that you need medical care and may need time away from work. They will provide the necessary forms for you to complete.
  2. Receive necessary medical treatment. If you were injured in a single event, then you need to seek the medical care you need as quickly as possible. If your illness or injury requires extended medical care, then you will need to find a provider that is approved by your workers’ compensation benefits. It is also important to find a long-term provider who is familiar with the type of injury you sustained so that they can help you return to work as quickly as possible.
  3. Notify your doctor that the injury is work-related. There may be specific types of documentation or information your medical provider needs when treating a workplace injury. When they know up front that you are seeking care for a work-related injury, they will be able to provide you with the support and information you require.
  4. Fill out a claim form. Within 24 hours of being informed of the injury, your employer will give you the necessary claim form. That is the documentation they need as you file your workers’ compensation claim. Once you have completed that form, you can work on filing your legal claim.
  5. Get in touch with a Pasadena workers’ compensation attorney. Once you have completed the required paperwork from your employer and received medical care, the next step is to get in touch with a Pasadena workers’ compensation attorney. They will walk you through the filing and completion process to help ensure your claim is filed properly and that you receive the settlement you are entitled to.

FAQs About Pasadena, CA Workers Compensation Law

How Much Does a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Charge in CA?

It is difficult to determine the specific amount that a workers’ compensation attorney will charge in California. Many factors can play into how much legal services for a workers’ compensation claim cost. The experience, education, and location of the attorney can contribute to higher costs as well as the difficulty of the case. A workers’ compensation attorney’s fees will also be impacted by if they charge a flat fee, hourly rate, or contingent fee.

When Should I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

If you have been injured in a workplace accident, it is important that you hire a workers’ compensation attorney as early as possible. The process to file for workers’ compensation requires very specific documentation and steps that must be followed. A Pasadena workers’ compensation attorney can provide you with support, guidance, and resources to make the process easier to manage. They will work with you to make sure your claim is filed properly and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

What Is the Average Workers’ Compensation Settlement in CA?

Many different factors can impact how much an individual will receive in a workers’ compensation settlement in California, so it is difficult to estimate the final cost. How severe your injuries are, the time you were required to be away from work, and the extent of medical care needed will all impact how much your final settlement is going to be. It is most common for the injured party to be granted two-thirds of the salary they made prior to their injury. That will be paid for up to 104 weeks. Some individuals choose to receive a single lump sum rather than be paid over time so that they can finalize their settlement more quickly.

What Is the Highest Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

The amount that an individual receives in their workers’ compensation settlement is going to vary depending on several key factors, such as how severe injuries are and the amount of time required away from work. At the very least, a workers’ compensation settlement should cover any necessary medical and recovery costs. Many people who file a workers’ compensation claim are also eligible for temporary disability benefits. If you can receive these benefits, they will pay up to $1,600 a week, depending on your salary prior to your injury.

Turn to Barry Law Group for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you were injured in a workplace accident, you may be dealing with significant mental, emotional, and physical ramifications. The loss of income from being away from work, the additional stress and expectations placed on loved ones, and the physical difficulties associated with injury recovery can all be stressors as you heal. An experienced, accomplished Pasadena workers’ compensation attorney can guide you through the process and fight to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Barry Law Group is here to help you as you file for and receive your workers’ compensation benefits. Contact us today to get started.

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