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Most people have experienced at least one minor burn injury in their lifetime. Most minor burns are easily treatable, but they are still quite painful and can easily result in scarring. Unfortunately, some people suffer extreme burns that are not only excruciating but also psychologically harmful due to the disfiguring effects they can have.

Burns are measured on a degree scale, with first-degree burns being the least damaging and fourth-degree burns being the most severe. A first-degree burn is usually treatable with over-the-counter first aid supplies or minimal professional care. A second-degree burn is more serious and usually requires hospital treatment. Third- and fourth-degree burns are catastrophic injuries that demand immediate emergency care, and they are also likely to cause long-term or permanent medical complications to victims.

The team at Barry Law Group can help you recover if you or a loved one recently suffered a burn injury at work or due to the actions of another party. Any burn injury can be life-changing in many negative ways, and if another party is responsible for causing this type of injury, there is no reason that you should bear the cost of their actions on your own.

What to Do After a Burn Injury at Work

California state law requires almost every employer to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance coverage comes into play whenever an employee sustains an injury at work, as long as the employee was performing their job duties when the burn injury occurred. The employer must provide the injured worker with the claim filing materials they need, and then the insurance carrier reviews the claim. Once approved, the injured worker will generally qualify to receive full coverage for all their medical treatment and ongoing disability benefits until they are able to resume their job duties.

If a specific party caused your burn injury at work, you might have grounds to file a third-party personal injury claim against them, which may yield compensation your workers’ compensation claim does not provide. For example, you may only receive a portion of your lost income through your employer’s insurance carrier, but a personal injury claim can make up the difference and ensure you receive full repayment of your lost wages and lost earning power.

Unfortunately, many injured workers experience unexpected complications with their workers’ compensation claims. Some are offered unfair benefits determinations, while others encounter illegal retaliation from their employers. When you choose Barry Law Group to assist you with your workers’ compensation claim, we will address any such issues on your behalf to preserve your right to recover your damages.

Personal Injury Claims for Burn Injuries in Encino

Most personal injury claims filed in Encino, CA are the results of acts of negligence or failure to exercise reasonable care in a specific situation. When you believe you have grounds to file a personal injury suit against the party who caused your burn injury, your Encino burn injury attorney can help you build the foundation of your case. You must prove the defendant directly caused your injury and provide proof showing the full scope of your damages.

Under California’s personal injury laws, the plaintiff in a personal injury case has the right to seek full repayment of all the economic damages caused by the defendant. In most cases, these include property damage, lost wages, lost future earning power, and medical expenses. It is important for the plaintiff to remember that they have the right to claim both immediate and future economic losses resulting from the defendant’s actions.

It is also possible for the plaintiff to recover pain and suffering compensation as well. Burns are not just physically painful. They are also psychologically traumatic. California law does not place a cap on pain and suffering compensation in most personal injury claims, and the right attorney will help you maximize this aspect of your compensation. Burns may require ongoing treatment to manage symptoms and multiple skin grafting surgeries. Even with the best medical care, this is an extremely painful and demanding recovery process. Additionally, the scarring that burns can cause is highly traumatic for most victims.

What to Expect From Your Encino Burn Injury Attorney

When you need legal counsel you can trust for a burn injury claim, the Barry Law Group is ready to provide the ongoing guidance and support you need in this challenging situation. Our firm has helped many past clients recover far more compensation than they initially expected and can leverage this experience in your recovery efforts. We understand you are likely to have many questions and face a high level of uncertainty when it comes to the legal proceedings ahead of you. Instead of attempting to manage your medical and legal needs entirely on your own, we can handle your legal affairs while you recover with peace of mind.

Our team will carefully review the details of how your injury occurred to form the foundation of your recovery efforts. If you suffered a burn injury at work, we will help you file your workers’ compensation claim and ensure your employer and their insurance carrier handle your claim in good faith. If you have the ability to file a third-party personal injury case in addition to your workers’ compensation claim, we will assist you in gathering the evidence needed to firmly establish fault for your damages.

In every personal injury case we accept, our team takes time to get to know the client and their unique needs when it comes to their damages. We work with clients’ medical treatment teams to ensure the court can fully understand the scope and severity of their experience. If necessary, we can arrange for expert witnesses to provide their insights to support specific aspects of your claim. We seek to settle our clients’ cases as swiftly as possible whenever possible, but we are not afraid to represent you in intense litigation if necessary for your recovery.

FAQs About Encino, CA Burn Injury Law

Can You Sue Your Employer for a Burn Injury at Work?

California’s workers’ compensation laws may require all employers to have appropriate insurance coverage, but these laws also prevent employees from suing their employers for work-related injuries. If you suffered an injury while working, you might not be able to file a personal injury claim against your employer. However, if anyone caused your injury intentionally, or if a third party outside of your workplace caused the burn injury, you would likely have the right to file a personal injury claim in addition to your workers’ compensation claim.

How Much Is My Burn Injury Claim Worth?

California law allows the victim of a personal injury to seek full repayment of their economic damages along with pain and suffering compensation that reflects the severity of their experience. Burns are not only tremendously painful but also very difficult to treat, and many victims of serious burns suffer permanent scarring alongside the trauma of these painful experiences. Your Encino burn injury attorney can provide an estimate of your case’s total potential value and help you maximize your recovery.

What Happens If I’m Partially Responsible for Causing My Burn Injury?

Whenever a California personal injury plaintiff bears partial fault for causing damages, the state’s pure comparative negligence law comes into play. The plaintiff receives a fault percentage based on their level of responsibility for causing the injury, and they lose this percentage of their final case award. For example, bearing 20% fault means losing 20% of their final compensation.

How Long Does a Burn Injury Case Take to Resolve?

The two factors that are most important for determining how long a personal injury case will take to resolve are the willingness of the defendant to accept liability and the severity of the plaintiff’s damages. Most personal injury claims end in settlement, and a straightforward workers’ compensation claim may only take a few weeks to resolve. However, if the case needs to be resolved in court, this could take several months or even longer than one year.

Is it Worth Hiring an Encino Burn Injury Attorney?

Reliable legal representation is the best asset to have on your side when you face a complex burn injury claim in California. Your Encino burn injury attorney can make every aspect of your case easier to manage and handle many of your legal affairs on your behalf, allowing you the time you need to recover as fully as possible. Your legal team may also uncover channels of recovery you didn’t realize were available to you, further ensuring you have the support and guidance needed to maximize the results of your recovery efforts.

Barry Law Group is ready to provide the comprehensive legal counsel needed to reach the best outcome possible for your burn injury case. Our team has years of professional experience in California personal injury law and workers’ compensation claims, so no matter what your unique case entails, we have the ability to provide the measured and responsive legal counsel you need to recover with confidence. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with an experienced Encino burn injury attorney you can entrust with your recovery.

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