Encino Police Officer Injury Lawyer

Encino Police Officer Injury Lawyer
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Encino Police Officer Injury Lawyer

Encino Police Officer Injury Attorney

Most of the police officers patrolling the Encino area uphold their professional duties with honor and integrity, following the letter of the law in keeping the public safe. Unfortunately, some police officers abuse their authority, injuring suspects they arrest through the intentional use of excessive force or other acts that result in harm. If you or a loved one was recently arrested in Encino, CA and the police officer who arrested you injured you in any way, you might have grounds to file a civil claim if you suffered measurable harm from their actions.

encino police officer injury attorney

Legal Representation for Victims of Police Officer Injuries in Encino

The attorneys of the Barry Law Group have extensive experience in California personal injury law, and our team has helped many past clients recover far more compensation for their damages than they initially expected. A police officer injury claim is an especially difficult type of personal injury claim due to the legal protections afforded to police officers in California.

It’s easy for the victim of police misconduct to assume they have no chance of seeing accountability for their experience, but an experienced attorney may be able to help you reach a much better outcome than you expect. However, there are specific rules you must follow if you intend to file any civil claim against a government employee or government office. Even if you succeed, you need an attorney who can help you maximize the recovery you secure.

Understanding Police Officer Injuries

Police officers across the state are expected to conduct themselves appropriately to reflect the authority granted to them by their positions. While most of the police officers in Encino conduct themselves accordingly and discharge their duties honorably to the best of their abilities, police misconduct can and does occur, often with devastating effects. Unfortunately, some police officers violate their professional duties and intentionally harm suspects. Police misconduct happens in various ways, sometimes involving physical injury.

Regardless of whether you broke the law or were arrested for a crime you did not commit, the police must follow certain rules in performing an arrest, and force may only be used in very specific circumstances. Some of the most commonly reported injuries caused by police officers that sometimes form the basis of injury claims in Encino include:

  • Handcuff-related injuries. Handcuffs are meant to restrain an arrested suspect, preventing them from fleeing custody and/or causing injury to themselves or others. However, if an arresting officer does not apply handcuffs correctly, they can easily cause an injury to the suspect, and it is also possible for a police officer to intentionally hurt a suspect through the excessively forceful placement of handcuffs.
  • Police brutality. Police officers have dangerous jobs that sometimes necessitate the use of physical force against suspects. A police officer is legally allowed to use force to stop a crime in progress, and this includes lethal force if the police officer has reason to believe that the suspect is an immediate danger. Police brutality occurs when an officer uses physical violence against a member of the public without any justification.
  • Injuries in police custody. When the police in Encino arrest a suspect, they will book them at their police station, and the suspect could be remanded to police custody until their preliminary hearing. Police must follow the laws of due process in handling the arrest and booking processes.

It is vital to understand that just because you were physically injured during the course of an arrest and booking, this does not necessarily mean you have definitive grounds for civil action against the arresting officer. Police officers have legal protection in the form of qualified immunity. The logic behind this protection is that officers should have the confidence to do whatever they believe is both necessary and within the scope of their authority to ensure public safety and to stop crimes in progress. Without qualified immunity, some police officers might hesitate to take appropriate action in life-or-death situations due to fear of civil liability.

Opponents of qualified immunity for police cite the fact that this protection has effectively enabled many police officers to get away with intentionally breaking the law and physically harming suspects without justification. Many people who have valid grounds to seek compensation for the injuries they sustained from police officers resign themselves to thinking they have no hope of securing accountability for their experiences. With the right Encino police officer injury attorney handling your case, you have a much better chance of success with your injury claim.

encino police officer injury lawyer

What to Expect From Your Encino Police Officer Injury Attorney

When you choose the team at the Barry Law Group to represent you, we will begin thoroughly examining the details of your recent injury and help you determine the best options available to you for resolving the situation. It may be intimidating to think of filing a civil action against a police officer, and the qualified immunity protecting them is certainly a barrier you would not face in a standard personal injury claim. However, the police must still uphold their professional duties and respect the constitutional rights of all suspects with whom they interact.

Our team will help you determine whether your recent experience qualifies as police brutality or excessive force. In addition, if you believe your civil or constitutional rights were violated in any way by the officers who handled your arrest, our team will listen carefully to your side of the events in question and help you gather any evidence and/or witness testimony you may need to establish liability for your damages.

Barry Law Group has extensive professional legal experience handling difficult civil claims on behalf of clients in Encino and surrounding communities. You could have grounds to seek more compensation than you may expect, but your police officer injury claim is likely more difficult than you anticipate. However, with our team’s assistance and ongoing support, you can approach each phase of your case with peace of mind. We are ready to provide the answers you need to your most pressing legal questions in this extremely difficult situation.

FAQs About Encino, CA Police Officer Injury Law

Can I Sue for a Handcuff Injury in Encino?

In the event that you are seriously injured by the use of handcuffs during an arrest, you may wonder whether you have grounds for civil action against the arresting officer. You would only be able to pursue compensation for civil damages if you can prove the police officer intentionally misused the handcuffs and/or used excessive force in affixing them during your arrest. An experienced Encino police officer injury attorney can advise you as to whether you have suitable grounds for filing a claim.

What Is Qualified Immunity for Police Officers?

Many police officers across the United States have qualified immunity, a form of legal insulation against civil liability for damages officers cause while performing their job duties. As long as a police officer discharges their duties in good faith, follows due process, and only applies force to a suspect when the situation dictates it to be necessary and legal, the officer cannot be sued for damages they cause during a lawful arrest. Qualified immunity does not apply if the officer knew or reasonably should have known that action would be a violation of the victim’s constitutional rights.

How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Take to Settle?

Some personal injury cases can be settled relatively quickly with enough evidence and the help of an experienced attorney on your side. Other cases are more challenging and will take much longer to resolve. For example, any case involving a police officer in Encino is likely to raise very difficult questions regarding the responding officer’s adherence to due process and whether qualified immunity applies.

How Much Is My Police Officer Injury Claim Worth in Encino?

It is very difficult for any victim of a police officer injury to succeed with a civil claim in the face of qualified immunity, but if a police officer displayed egregious negligence, broke the law, or clearly intended to harm the victim, an experienced Encino personal injury attorney can help the victim file their police officer injury claim.

Is It Worth Hiring an Encino Police Officer Injury Lawyer?

Winning any type of civil claim against a government entity is extremely difficult and filing a police officer injury claim is very different from filing most other types of civil claims for damages. Hiring the right attorney is essential for this type of difficult case. Even if you are hesitant about the potential cost of hiring them, success with any type of police officer injury claim is incredibly unlikely without experienced legal counsel on your side.

The Barry Law Group is ready to provide the compassionate and meticulous legal counsel you need to help you with your police officer injury claim. It can be incredibly daunting to think of filing a civil action against a police officer, and your chances of success may be slim, but the right attorney can significantly improve your chances of success and the quality of the final outcome you reach. Contact the Barry Law Group today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Encino police officer injury attorney.

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