2024 How Much Does Workers’ Comp Pay in California?

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2024 How Much Does Workers’ Comp Pay in California?

Workers’ compensation is a crucial safety net for anyone who suffers an injury on the job. State law states that almost every employer must have workers’ compensation insurance; therefore, this insurance covers most workers throughout all industries. However, filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits may be more challenging than you initially expected. A workers’ comp lawyer in Encino, CA, can ensure employees are treated fairly throughout such a process.

It is natural for any injured worker to have many questions concerning the amount of benefits they are eligible to receive. A workers’ comp lawyer in Encino, CA, is an invaluable resource in this challenging situation. If you are already struggling with a painful injury and the stress of the inability to work during your recovery, attempting to handle complex legal issues on your own at the same time would be tremendously difficult. When you have Barry Law Group assisting you, you can approach your case with confidence and will be more likely to maximize your recovery as much as state law allows.

Benefits Available Through Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance allows employers to continue operating with confidence by shielding them from civil liability for their injured workers’ damages. This means that while you cannot sue your employer in response to an injury at work if they have workers’ compensation insurance, their insurance will provide valuable benefits to help you recover.

A successful workers’ compensation claim can yield two types of compensation. The first is for medical costs. The injured worker can usually expect their employer’s insurance company to cover all medical care costs needed to recover as fully as possible from their injuries, including both immediate and future medical treatment costs if they suffer a serious injury. Second, the injured worker can receive disability benefits during the time they are unable to work while recovering.

Disability benefits are awarded on a partial or total basis, depending on the severity of the injured worker’s condition. If they cannot work at all during recovery, workers’ compensation insurance will pay them two-thirds of their average weekly wage each week for up to 104 weeks or until they recover. For example, if you usually earn $1,200 per week at work and receive total disability benefits, each payment will be roughly $800. Alternatively, if you can still work but cannot earn the same amount of income, you can receive partial disability benefits that help make up the difference.

While you cannot file a civil suit against your employer, you do have grounds to file a personal injury claim if a third party outside of your work caused your injury. If you have the ability to file a third-party claim, this could enable you to recover compensation for damages that your employer’s insurance won’t cover, such as your pain and suffering.

Your attorney can help maximize the benefits you receive from a successful workers’ compensation claim. When you choose Barry Law Group to represent you, we will help you navigate the claim filing process efficiently and assist you in securing maximum benefits. If you have grounds for additional legal recourse, such as a third-party claim, you can count on us to help you with this as well.

FAQs About How Much Does Workers’ Comp Pay in California

Does Every Employer Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

State law requires almost every employer in the state to have workers’ compensation insurance. Your employer is also required by law to fully disclose their insurance status and your eligibility to file a claim if you are hurt while working. If you believe your employer does not have appropriate coverage or if they have intentionally misclassified your employment, it is vital to speak with a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible.

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Workers’ Compensation Case?

In most cases, an injured worker can expect to receive benefits from their workers’ compensation claims within a few weeks of filing them. However, there are some issues that may complicate their claims in various ways. If you have the right attorney to help you, and your employer upholds their responsibilities, it should only take a few weeks for you to receive your settlement check.

What Injuries Are Not Covered By Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Generally, as long as your injury or illness directly resulted from you performing your job duties, you can claim workers’ compensation benefits through your employer’s insurance. You can claim these benefits even if you caused your own injury, but there are exceptions to this. If you injured yourself because you were working under the influence of drugs or alcohol, through horseplay, or because you intentionally violated workplace safety rules, these factors would prevent you from filing a workers’ compensation claim.

How Much Can I Receive in Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

A successful workers’ compensation claim typically generates two forms of compensation. First, the injured worker will have all their medical expenses paid for by the insurance company. Second, they will receive ongoing disability benefits for the time they are unable to work. They may qualify for partial disability benefits if they can handle light duty and/or lower-paying work while they recover.

What Does It Cost to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Barry Law Group can provide legal counsel for your impending workers’ compensation case without adding to your financial concerns in this difficult time. We take these cases on contingency, meaning our client only pays a fee if and when we win their case, and their fee is a percentage of the total compensation we recover on their behalf. There is no fee if our team is unable to secure a case award for you.

Find Fair Workers’ Comp Lawyers in Encino, CA

The right legal team can make a tremendous positive difference in the outcome of your workers’ compensation claim. Barry Law Group has successfully helped many past clients navigate the workers’ compensation claim filing process, and we are ready to put this experience to work for you in your recovery efforts. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with a workers’ compensation attorney to learn how we can help you recover from your work-related injury.

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