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Woodland Hills Firefighter Injury Lawyer
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Woodland Hills Firefighter Injury Lawyer

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Firefighters are exposed to a multitude of potential hazards in their day-to-day work. In many cases, these hazards can lead to injuries, illnesses, and even death. Firefighters help protect our communities and risk their lives doing so. Therefore, they deserve support and compensation for injuries sustained on the job. A Woodland Hills firefighter injury lawyer from Barry Law Group can help you seek workers comp for firefighters after a workplace injury.

At Barry Law Group, we pride ourselves on helping all public safety workers receive the compensation they deserve. Since our founding, our lawyers have been dedicated to serving our communities and doing our part to help ensure that our first responders feel supported for their hard work and bravery.

We understand that firefighters risk injuring themselves every day in the line of duty. Although there are disability pensions in place to help, workers’ compensation for firefighters is an avenue that you should consider if you have been injured while on the job.

Common Injuries Sustained

Sustaining serious injuries is not uncommon for firefighters and first responders in Woodland Hills, CA. The following are five of the most common injuries that firefighters can experience.

  • Severe burns: Severe burns can cause lasting emotional and physical pain and trauma. Burns can result from overexposure to heat, friction, electricity, cold, or certain types of chemicals. Burn injuries can be common among firefighters, as they are often exposed to uncontrolled flames.
  • Smoke Inhalation: Smoke inhalation can cause severe damage to the lungs. Common symptoms of smoke inhalation can include pain while breathing, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, or hoarseness in one’s voice. Untreated smoke inhalation could lead to permanent or lasting lung damage and even death in some instances.
  • Heat exhaustion: Heat exhaustion can be the result of overexposure to extreme heat or overexposure to physical activity in extremely hot weather. Some symptoms that arise from this condition include chills, headaches, nausea, dizziness, fainting, and heavy sweating.
  • Fractures: Fractures are otherwise known as broken bones. Depending on how serious the fracture is, surgery could be required. Too much stress or trauma could cause bones and joints to be strained, leading to a fracture. Treatment for fractures often involves protecting the fractured bone and allowing it proper time to heal.
  • Sprains: Sprains are common among firefighters. However, they can lead to long-term injuries if not properly addressed. When firefighters’ muscles or tendons are forced into an unnatural position, this can lead to a sprain. Sprains can lead to extreme discomfort, soreness, or even rupture of the tissue.

It is extremely important that you seek the proper medical attention needed if you have suffered any of these work-related injuries.


Q: What Is a Serious Injury for a Firefighter?

A: One of the most serious injuries that firefighters can experience is smoke inhalation. Smoke inhalation can cause serious damage to the body, especially the lungs. Depending on the amount of smoke inhaled, smoke inhalation can even lead firefighters to become unconscious in some extreme cases. In these scenarios, the inhalation of smoke deprives the body of the proper oxygen it needs. Immediate medical attention is required in instances of extreme smoke inhalation.

Q: What Percentage of Firefighters Get Hurt?

A: It is estimated that over 65,000 firefighter injuries occurred in 2022. This is an eight percent increase from the number of reported firefighter injuries in 2021. The leading causes of injuries were overexertion, stress, internal trauma, and cardiac arrest. The number of firefighter line-of-duty deaths has steadily increased year over year since 2002. In 2020, there was a significant increase in firefighter deaths while on duty.

Q: What Are Presumptive Injuries for Firefighters in California?

A: A presumption injury is a concept that is related to the burden of proof. In typical workers’ compensation claims, the injured worker has to prove that the injury occurred either while on the job or as a result of the job. A presumptive injury removes the burden of proof from the worker, as it is already presumed to have happened at work. Common presumptive injuries for firefighters in California include injuries related to heart trouble and cancer.

Q: What Qualifies for Workers’ Compensation in California?

A: Any work-related injuries or illnesses that occur either while at work or as a result of work could qualify for workers’ compensation in California. In these situations, the employer is often required to pay for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation only applies to the subject employee. It does not cover one’s spouse or family members, although workers’ compensation benefits can often be paid out to said family members after a work-related death.

Q: How Long Can Worker’s Compensation Last in California?

A: In most instances, the severity of the injury or illness influences the length of time that worker’s compensation benefits will be paid. A physician’s assessment of the injury and its impact on your ability to work can also be a key factor. Also, the worker’s compensation benefits can either be permanent or temporary, depending on the situation.

Permanent benefits are typically reserved for claims in which full recovery is not possible. Generally speaking, workers’ compensation benefits last around two years but vary widely depending on the circumstance.

Barry Law Group: Workers Comp for Firefighters

Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be a long and tedious process. As a first responder who has been injured while in the line of duty, you deserve to be focused on your recovery, not worrying about how to file your claim properly. If you have suffered a work-related injury and need assistance filing your claim, understanding the benefits that might be available to you, or weighing your options, contact Barry Law Group.

If you have been injured in the line of duty, Barry Law Group can help you seek the fair compensation that you are entitled to for your injuries. Speak with a member of our experienced legal team for a personalized approach to your unique situation. We can answer questions or concerns that you may have and provide you with the support and advice to help you move forward with your claim.

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