Pasadena Police Officer Injury Lawyer

Pasadena Police Officer Injury Lawyer
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Pasadena Police Officer Injury Lawyer

Pasadena Police Officer Injury Attorney

Police officers face countless risks every day at work, and it is possible for police officers to suffer unexpected work-related injuries in many ways. While many of these cases involve acute traumatic injuries, it is also possible for medical conditions to gradually appear over time due to the physical demands of policing. A Pasadena police officer injury lawyer is the ideal resource to consult for help with a workers’ compensation claim as a public safety officer.

Helping Injured Police Officers in Pasadena, CA

The attorneys at Barry Law Group have years of professional experience helping clients with workers’ compensation claims in Pasadena, and we know the unique challenges that police officers and other public safety workers might face in their claims. While workers’ compensation benefits are generally more flexible for public safety workers, it does not mean that filing a claim will be an easy or straightforward process.

It’s possible for an injured police officer to encounter issues with a workers’ compensation insurance carrier, or they may have trouble confirming that their benefits determination is suitable under the terms of an applicable insurance policy. They could also have grounds for further legal recourse that may enhance their recovery that they may overlook without legal counsel on their side.

Our firm approaches every workers’ compensation case we accept with a focus on our client’s individual needs. You could be entitled to more benefits than you initially expected, and having the right Pasadena police officer injury lawyer on your side is the optimal way to enhance your final case award as much as possible. We can guide you through the claim filing process and resolve any issues you encounter as you seek the benefits you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Police Officers in Pasadena

When the average individual files a workers’ compensation claim in Pasadena through their private employer’s insurance, they can generally expect full medical expense coverage and limited compensation for their lost income. For example, if the claimant cannot work during their recovery, they can receive about two-thirds of their average weekly pay each week until they reach maximum medical improvement from their injury.

The workers’ compensation benefits available to police officers are more expansive. While they may also receive full medical expense coverage, they can receive 4850 benefits instead of the standard total disability benefits after a serious injury. They receive a full year of their salary while they recover, and after this year, they will transition to receiving total disability benefits equal to two-thirds of their pay.

When it comes to medical expenses, workers’ compensation insurance typically covers all medical care a claimant needs to reach maximum medical improvement from their injury. This includes future rehabilitation if necessary. If a police officer was directly injured by a suspect or other third party, they may also have grounds to file a civil suit under certain conditions.

When you choose Barry Law Group as your legal counsel, you can rely on our firm to carefully review all the various options for legal recourse available to you after a serious injury in the line of duty or after you have developed a critical illness or medical condition from your work. The sooner you reach out to our firm, the more time we can have to develop a compelling case for you.

FAQs About Pasadena, CA Police Officer Injury Law

What Is Section 3212.8 of the State Labor Code?

This section of the Labor Code pertains to bloodborne pathogens and infectious diseases that a police officer could encounter in the performance of their job duties. HIV, hepatitis, and other diseases could be carried by suspects, and injuries sustained in the line of duty could expose an officer to bloodborne illness. These medical conditions qualify as presumptive injuries for the purposes of a workers’ compensation claim.

How Much Can I Receive in Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Police Officers?

Police officers injured through work can typically expect more workers’ compensation benefits than the average privately employed claimant could expect. The 4850 benefit regulation enables an injured officer to receive up to one full year of their salary after an injury at work, and these benefits can shift to total disability benefits if they remain unable to work after this first year. They can also receive full medical expense coverage for their injury or illness.

What Is a Presumptive Injury for a Police Officer?

Due to the inherently dangerous nature of police work, the workers’ compensation claim filing process is a bit more flexible than it is for the average private employee. Presumptive injuries are injuries and medical conditions presumed to arise from the claimant’s job duties. For a police officer in Pasadena, these presumptive injuries may include back injuries, hernias, heart complications, and traumatic physical injuries sustained while conducting police work.

Why Should I Hire a Pasadena Police Officer Injury Lawyer?

While it’s true that police officers and other public safety workers generally have an easier time qualifying for workers’ compensation benefits than the average private employee, it does not mean they should attempt to handle their claim on their own. Your Pasadena police officer injury lawyer can make the entire claim filing process easier to handle and more likely to yield the result you hope to see.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Pasadena Police Officer Injury Lawyer?

Barry Law Group accepts most workers’ compensation claims on a contingency fee basis, meaning our client only pays our firm a fee if and when we win their case, and there is no fee if we are unable to recover compensation on their behalf. We use hourly billing for some cases and a combination of billing practices for others. We can carefully explain your billing so there are no surprises concerning your legal expenses.

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The right attorney can make filing a workers’ compensation claim much easier, and the sooner you connect with an experienced attorney, the more likely you will be to succeed with your claim. The attorneys at Barry Law Group are ready to provide the compassionate legal support you need after an injury in the line of duty. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a Pasadena police officer injury lawyer and learn how we can help.

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