Los Angeles Amazon Warehouse Injury Lawyer

Los Angeles Amazon Warehouse Injury Lawyer
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Los Angeles Amazon Warehouse Injury Lawyer

Los Angeles Amazon Warehouse Injury Attorney

Amazon warehouse injuries can be serious and have a lasting impact on your life. They can lead to temporary or permanent disabilities, chronic pain, and possibly death. The burdens of such injuries can go far beyond the physical, being a financial and emotional burden to you and your loved ones. By consulting with a Los Angeles Amazon warehouse injury lawyer, you can properly pursue workers’ compensation and other legal benefits you deserve.

Our lawyers at Barry Law Group are committed to being advocates for our clients in California. We understand that filing a claim for an Amazon warehouse injury can be somewhat complex, and we can help you with every step of the legal process to get the benefits you deserve. Whether you want to pursue workers’ compensation or take the path of litigation, we can work with you.

What To Do After an Amazon Warehouse Accident

If you were injured while working in an Amazon fulfillment center, there are certain steps you will want to take to make sure you not only take care of your health but also take advantage of your legal rights as an injured employee.

Getting necessary medical attention is arguably the most important thing you need to do after any workplace injury, especially if it is severe. If it is not a one-time injury, it is important to see a doctor as soon as you become aware of it. You should also inform your doctor that the injury occurred while you were at work and follow any treatment recommendations given. A doctor will usually tell you if and when it is a good time for you to continue working.

If you are reasonably able to do so, report the accident and your injury to your manager or supervisor as soon as possible. It is understandable that some injuries require immediate medical attention, but the sooner you can report it, the better. Make sure you follow the specific procedures set by Amazon for reporting workplace injuries.

Documenting the accident and injury is an important step, especially if you feel inclined to go down the road of litigation. This includes making a note of when and where the accident happened, who was present, taking pictures of the scene of the incident, taking pictures of your injuries, and keeping records of hospital visits, treatments, and expenses. This is vital information that may need to be included in a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury case.

File a workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible. You have 30 days from the day the injury happens to report a workplace injury. The sooner you file a report, the sooner you can receive the benefits. If you fail to file a report within the 30-day window, you could potentially lose out on benefits completely.

Consult with an Amazon warehouse injury lawyer as soon as you can. A lawyer can let you know what your options are in terms of litigation and even assist with a workers’ compensation claim. You have legal rights when you are injured on the job, and you can seek further compensation if you believe you deserve it.

Types of Benefits Available for Amazon Warehouse Injuries

It can be difficult to obtain all the benefits you deserve as an injured Amazon warehouse employee, especially if you aren’t aware of the ones available to you. There are several types of benefits an injured Amazon warehouse employee may be able to receive, including:

  • Covered Medical Expenses – Amazon can cover any medical expenses you accumulate due to your workplace injury. This includes hospital visits, treatments, and anything else related.
  • Death Benefits – Amazon employee family members can potentially receive death benefits if the employee died as a result of a workplace injury. Those benefits can help with funeral costs, and even provide some kind of financial support.
  • Disability Payments – Injured employees can receive temporary or permanent disability pay from Amazon if their injury does not allow them to work and they have to take time off.
  • Education and Skills Training – If the injury you sustain completely keeps you from returning to your job, you may be eligible to receive training to assist with obtaining a new job.


Q. Can You Sue Amazon if You Get Hurt?

A. Yes, you can sue Amazon if you get hurt on the job. Workers’ compensation generally prevents employees from suing their employer for any damages, but there are cases when you may be able to sue. If the accident was caused by your employer intentionally or due to negligence, or if the accident was caused by a third party associated with Amazon, you can potentially sue for damages.

Q. What Happens if My Workers’ Compensation Claim Is Denied?

A. If your workers’ compensation claim is denied in Los Angeles, you can contest the decision. The claims administrator may not believe workers’ compensation covers your injuries, but you have a right to show that it does. You would have to make sure you file the proper paperwork by the deadline to have your case presented to a workers’ compensation Administrative Law Judge.

Q. What Is the Most Common Injury at Amazon?

A. According to a recent survey done by the Center for Urban Economic Development in 2023, the most common injury at Amazon has been reported by several employees to be a strain, sprain, or tear. Amazon warehouse workers are more likely than other warehouses to experience some kind of workplace injury, whether it is due to an accident, defective equipment, or repetitive motions.

Q. Do You Get Paid for Medical Leave at Amazon?

A. You can get paid for medical leave at Amazon if you are eligible. Amazon generally offers their employees up to 12 work weeks of unpaid medical leave in a rolling 12-month period. There are certain circumstances where an Amazon employee can be paid while on leave, usually depending on the reason for the medical leave and how much leave they have accrued over time.

Contact a Los Angeles Amazon Warehouse Injury Lawyer

It can be difficult dealing with what comes after an Amazon warehouse injury, but you don’t have to do it alone. A lawyer at Barry Law Group can help you through the legal process of filing a claim to get the compensation and justice you deserve. Schedule a consultation today with one of our Los Angeles Amazon warehouse injury lawyers.

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